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Northern Cardinal

Honoring Our Mother & Reflecting on Cardinals

Our dear mother would have turned 91 on April 2nd this year. Her affinity for cardinals remains woven into the fabric of our lives, as these vibrant birds symbolize cherished memories of her. From coffee cups to decorations, cardinals adorned her world, leaving an indelible mark on ours. Growing up in Radcliffe, Iowa, the cardinal not only graced our home but also served as our school mascot at Radcliffe Community Schools.

 The significance of cardinals extends beyond our personal connection, resonating in various cultural and spiritual beliefs. In Native American lore, they embody themes of love, from loving relationships to the blessings of monogamy. Some tribes associate them with the promise of rain, while others see them as a sign of sunlight and good fortune.

 Biblically, cardinals are imbued with profound symbolism, often representing the blood of Christ and the essence of life, hope, and vitality. Many interpret their presence as divine messages or blessings, serving as tangible reminders of God's watchful gaze or the gentle whispers of angels.

Across different interpretations, cardinals universally evoke a sense of energy, vitality, and passion, urging us to reconnect with the natural world. For many, spotting a cardinal invokes feelings of warmth and nostalgia, signaling the enduring presence of loved ones who have passed on.

The Northern Cardinal, with its striking red plumage, reigns as the quintessential symbol of these avian messengers. Males don their vibrant attire, while females exude their own unique beauty with hints of orange and brown complemented by touches of red. Among North American songbirds, female cardinals stand out for their melodious tunes, adding another layer of enchantment to their presence.

In our Gnome books, we playfully incorporate a cardinal character, mirroring our mother's affection for these birds and paying homage to our cherished departed. Through whimsical narratives, the cardinal becomes a conduit for emotions, bridging the realms of fantasy and reality.

As we reflect on the significance of spotting a cardinal, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. In these fleeting moments, may we find solace in the timeless bond between nature, loved ones, and cherished memories.


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Rhonda Frans

So we’ll written…
In these fleeting moments, may we find solace in the timeless bond between nature, loved ones, and cherished memories.
Our moms were lifetime best friends so it’s only right that they shared a love for cardinals. I miss them both but I have wonderful memories to cherish.

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