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Embracing the charm of Nordic culture

A curated shop filled with Nordic-inspired goods to warm your heart and your home

Celebrating the culture that made us who we are

Rooted in Norwegian heritage, The Uff Da Sisters embodies the spirit of cultural celebration and shared values. Our founders, two sisters inspired by their lineage, have crafted a brand devoted to education, inclusion, and love.

We offer a selection of Nordic-inspired home and lifestyle goods, engaging children's books, and educational toys & activities. Our mission is to weave these threads of tradition and kindness into the fabric of daily life, bringing joy and valuable lessons to families everywhere.


Families, in all forms, are of equal worth.

Feeling loved is a fundamental need.

Kindness always begets kindness.

Embracing diversity is key to global citizenship.

Nature, play, and self-care nourish the soul.

The sisters behind the brand

Teresa and Lavonne are sisters who enjoy travel and spending time with family. Sharing a passion for their Norwegian heritage, they began writing stories that include Norwegian heritage and culture. Their goal is to teach life lessons, along with information about the country of their family & ancestors. Teresa and Lavonne have named their business The Uff Da Sisters as an homage to their heritage.

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Dive into our founders' journey and brand ethos.
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Paving our own path with Nordic Heart Press

Books written by The Uff Da Sisters are independently published and they established Nordic Heart Press as the home for their imaginative works.

From the beloved Gnome Adventure Series to captivating tales for young children and other delightful products, Nordic Heart Press is dedicated to bringing joy and wonder to people of all ages.

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