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Happy Easter - God Påske

Happy Easter: God Påske

Easter holds a special place in Norway's heart, steeped in cherished traditions. Norwegians eagerly anticipate this holiday, which grants them three days off—Thursday and Friday leading up to Easter, and Easter Monday. Schools and banks also close their doors, marking a time of relaxation and celebration.

In addition to attending church services, Norwegians have a myriad of ways to revel in the Easter spirit. Here are some ideas you might enjoy:

- Hit the slopes or the trails for a thrilling ski adventure, as Easter is one of the most popular ski holidays.
- Indulge in chocolate, pastries, and juicy oranges, delighting in the festive treats of the season.
- Escape to a cozy mountain cabin, basking in the warmth of the sun and the tranquility of nature.
- Cozy up by the fireplace with a gripping mystery novel, letting the crackling flames set the scene.
- Gather with friends at a local café, savoring good company and delectable treats.
- Embark on a leisurely walk or invigorating hike, immersing yourself in Norway's breathtaking scenery.
- Explore cultural events like the Inferno Metal Festival or Oslo's Easter Parade, or immerse yourself in an art exhibition.
- Get your hands dirty with a bit of gardening, welcoming the arrival of spring.
- Organize an Easter Egg Hunt for the family, adding a twist by hiding money, tickets, or gift cards along with the candies.

The Easter feast in Norwegian homes often features succulent lamb, potatoes, and vegetables, accompanied by the obligatory chocolate and oranges. And let's not forget the "Easter beer" to toast to the joyous occasion.

Decorations abound in shades of yellow, echoing the vibrancy of spring. From chicks and decorated eggs to spring flowers and the iconic "Easter tree," Norwegian homes radiate with festive cheer.

Which Norwegian traditions will you embrace this Easter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. God Påske!


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