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Hygge, Kos, Mys

Exploring Coziness: Hygge and Other Nordic Ideas

Delving into the realm of Nordic concepts like Hygge, Koeslig, Lagom, Fika, and even Japandi—a fusion of Japanese and Nordic design—has become a fascination for many. What draws us to these ideas? Let's unravel the allure here.

To begin, let's unravel the essence of hygge (HOO-geh). While its origins may be debatable, Denmark is commonly credited with this cozy concept. In essence, hygge embodies more than mere coziness—it encompasses warmth, peace, mindfulness, and the appreciation of simple pleasures. From seasonal décor to holiday celebrations, Pinterest brims with ideas to infuse hygge into every aspect of life.

Then, there's koeslig (KOOSH-lee) or kos (KOOSH) from Norway—a concept akin to hygge but often associated with group settings, particularly for weathering the darker, colder winter days. Both hygge and koeslig offer comfort, enhance well-being, and encourage living in the present moment.

In Sweden, the notion of mys (MISS) prevails. While it translates to "cozy" in English, it represents a lifestyle or a state of mind. Swedes apply mys to specific situations like Friday gatherings, weekend relaxation, breakfast rituals, or even moments spent with close friends or family.

For those beyond Nordic borders, fear not, there are analogous concepts for you too: ubuntu, ikigai, mepak, merak, meraki, gezellig, gemütlich, or fiaka. Regardless of the word you resonate with, the essence lies in enhancing well-being, nurturing relationships, and enriching life—an essence that captivates our interest in these concepts.

How do you practice hygge or koeslig?  Let us know in the comments.

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