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Front cover of the Gnome Comes Home children's book written by The Uff Da Sisters and published by Nordic Heart Press. The book is part of The Gnome Adventure Series about a gnome trying to find their perfect home. The book is inspired by Norwegian culture.

Gnome Comes Home Hardcover Book


The gnome on the shelf has dreamed of finding a real home.  But now that someone is taking them home, they’re filled with questions and anxiety.  What will the new home be like?  What will the new family be like?  Will there be love?  Join the gnome as they travel to meet the new family.

Continue your journey in The Gnome Adventure Series with the second book, Gnome Comes Home. This charming hardcover children's book tells the story of a gnome who embarks on a journey to find his perfect family. Let your little ones join the fun on this magical adventure!


Authors: Teresa Bjelland & Lavonne Bjelland
Illustrator: Remesh Ram
Publisher: Nordic Heart Press

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Gnome Comes Home Hardcover Book


Use coupon code GNOME10 for 10% off your first order.


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