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Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls—Unless It’s Spring in Norway!

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls—Unless It’s Spring in Norway!

Ah, waterfalls—the thrilling spectacle of nature's overflow! As if Spring in Norway couldn't get any cooler (well, warmer actually), we've got snowmelt to thank for this cascade extravaganza. Picture this: May and June roll around, and suddenly, waterfalls become the hottest attraction since sliced brunost (that's Norwegian brown cheese, by the way).

So, what's the scoop? Norwegians—and us tourists—add waterfall hunting to our Spring bucket list. Norway's got some jaw-dropping beauties scattered across the landscape. You can view them from every angle imaginable: top-down, behind the curtain, walking over them, or (if you're feeling adventurous) ziplining across. There's a waterfall experience for everyone—hikers, boat enthusiasts, and even thrill-seekers with a penchant for cascading cliffs.


Now, let me reel you in further. How about a ferry tour to witness the iconic Seven Sisters gracefully plunging into the Geirangerfjord? You can even kayak to these bad boys! Or, if heights don't faze you, take a stroll over the top of Vøringsfossen via a nifty step bridge. Fancy a hike? Lace up for Langfoss or Vettisfossen, but only if you're in tip-top shape. And for the lazy—or let's call it efficient—ones among us, Låtefoss is right there by the roadside.


Feeling adventurous? How about ziplining over falls in Geiranger Nature Park? If that's a bit too much, there's always the option to jump into some falls (guided tour highly recommended, for obvious reasons). For a more relaxed vibe, stroll through Bærums Verk village, soaking in the small falls as you admire sculptures—day trip, anyone?


Wherever you venture in Norway, you'll encounter waterfalls aplenty. They don't call it the land of a thousand waterfalls for nothing! So, grab your raincoat, your sense of wonder, and get ready to chase some falls. Let me know your waterfall tales in the comments below!

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